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Privacy Policy for blueticktravels.com

blueticktravels, (“blueticktravels,” “the website”, “we,” “us,” or “our”), owner and operator of www.blueticktravels.com, takes this initiative to help you become familiar with the way we collect, manage and use information, when you, our customers visit our website, or mobile application and use or purchase one or more of the services offered there in.

It is clear that by visiting our website, accessing and/using our mobile platforms, or by making any purchases from/through us, you agree to the terms and conditions listed in this Privacy Policy. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We understand that when you book through blueticktravels you place your trust in us and we completely value this.

By visiting our website or procuring our services, you agree to the conditions of this policy. This document state show and when the details provided to us will be used.

Personal Information We May Collect

"Personal Information"pertains to the details which help identify you or relates to an identifiable person. Such information comprises:




Email address

Credit and debit card number and related information

Social media account ID

Passport number

This information also includes any data provided by you, at the time of making your bookings through us, including but not limited to your dietary preferences, your itinerary, your destinations,your dates of travel, etc.

The act of submission of this personal information about yourself, and about other people for whom who are making the bookings, signifies your authority to do so as well as your permission to us for using the information as per this Privacy Policy.

Collection of Personal Information

We at blueticktravels and along with our third-party service providers may gather your Personal Information and that of other people (as submitted by you) in numerous ways, including the ones listed below

  • Through the Website – When you sign up, log in, make a booking or register for a promotional offer.
  • Offline – When you get in touch with our Customer Service Center
  • From Other Sources – When you use or agree to transmit information shared on Social Media Networks, Public Databases, and Other Third Parties (as permitted there in)

Use of Personal Information

At blueticktravels, we may use the information provided by you in one or more ways, including the ones listed below -

  • To fulfill your purchase or booking with our Travel Service Providers
  • To process your payment with respect to any purchase or bookings made through our website
  • To communicate with you with respect to your bookings, purchases and offer you relevant customer service
  • To respond to your inquiries
  • To send you promotional messages, emails, and newsletters, to the extent permitted by law
  • To share administrative information including changes in terms, services, and policies with you
  • To provide you a customized experience on the website by of offering products and offers tailored to your previous browsing sessions and your preferences
  • To assist your participation in contests, and similar promotions (Please note that these activities may come with their own set of policies regarding the use of information. We encourage you to read the terms and conditions carefully before participating and giving your consent for the use and distribution of the information there in)
  • To enable sharing functionality on various social media platforms To enable sharing functionality on various social media platforms
  • Data Analysis
  • Fraud Monitoring and Prevention
  • New Products Development
  • Enhance mentor Modification of our Services
  • Determination of the efficacy of promotional Campaigns

Disclosure of Personal Information

Please understand that although your personal information may be disclosed or conveyed to these entities, we have no control over the third-party service providers listed on our website and portal, nor do we have any control over how they choose to use this information. Hence, we consider it your onus to read and review the privacy policy of any service providers or other such entities whose services you purchase as result of using www.blueticktravels.com.

We may disclose your personal information to the following entities -

  • To our parent companies, subsidiaries, joint ventures,and/or corporate affiliates. In such a case, blueticktravels is responsible for the management of the information.
  • To our third-party travel service providers
  • To other travel-related companies such as consolidators or aggregators
  • To our business partners.
  • To our third-party internet and payment service providers
  • To our third-party customer service providers
  • To our third-party sponsors or operators of various promotional activities
  • To the surviving entity in case of a merger, reorganization,dissolution or in case of the sale of all or most of our assets

Protecting Your Personal Information

To keep you safe from online frauds we ensure that your debit/credit cards are used on our website with your full consent. Hence, we validate your personal details like name, address, and contact number during the booking process. By providing your details, you allow us to carry this required process as stated herein. The process will not affect your credit score whatsoever. All details provided to blueticktravels while booking is securely used and processed in strict accordance with the (DPA) Data Protection Act

Information Collection By Third-Party Websites& Applications

Any information with respect to details provided by you may be collected by Google, Facebook, Microsoft or any other application through their own system and practices. does not hold any responsibility for such disclosures that are done without the consent of blueticktravels.